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Median Hourly Wage updated for 2020 Temporary Foreign Worker

Median Hourly Wages updated for Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada

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The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the working culture and pattern in every industry. The Canadian government is all set to provide the necessary support to both employers and employees at this time.

Median salary of Temporary Foreign Workers saw a rise in 2020

As per the latest update of CIC news, the median hourly wages of the temporary foreign workers working in most Canadian provinces and territories have undergone a steady rise. The Canadian employers who are hired as the temporary foreign workers are offered wages and location for the position, and they are those who have applied through the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

To better understand the changes that have been implemented, let us look at the table below:

Provinces/Territories Median hourly wage before May, 2020 (CAN $ ) Median hourly wage after May, 2020 (CAN $)
Alberta 26.67 27.28
British Columbia 23.98 25.00
Manitoba 21.00 21.60
New Brumswick 20.00 20.12
Newfoundland and Labrador 22.00 23.00
Northwest Territories 34.00 34.36
Nova Scotia 20.00 20.00
Nunavut 30.00 32.00
Ontario 23.08 24.04
Price Edward Island 19.49 20.00
Quebec 22.00 23.08
Saskatchewan 24.52 24.55
Yukon 30.00 30.00

Canada government is all set to help the employers during the COVID 19 Pandemic time. Some of the ways through which help has been initiated is -

  • Employers need not worry about minor administrative changes to the LMIA
  • The Agri-food sector requirements for recruitment are waived off till October 31, 2020
  • The LMIAs for Occupation in the Agriculture and Agri-Food sector are prioritized
  • Maximum years of an employer under the LMIA have been increased from one year to two years for those workers who are working in Low wage stream
  • Employers under the agricultural stream or the seasonal Agricultural worker's program can support a valid housing Inspection report
  • The name change process has been expedited for the employers who have put a different person’s name on the LMIA

The foreign workers being hired are allowed to work in Canada only if they are coming because of an essential reason.

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