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Latest Canada Immigration News Weekly Update - Week No 16

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👉  Express Entry Draw #115 

👉  Saskatchewan Expression of Interest Draw on 17 April 2019

👉  Prince Edward Island invited 130 applicants this week

 The latest Express Entry Draw was announced on 17th April 2019 which invited 3,350 applicants and asked for a minimum selection CRS score of 451 points. This means that the candidates who secured 451 CRS points or above are eligible for Canada Permanent Residency(PR) status through the Express Entry Program. This is the sixth time in a row that 3,350 applications are provided the ITA in this year and the score of 451 points is also a repetition of the last time draw of 3rd April.

17th April – Express Entry Draws

Just like all the other times, this time as well the tie-break rule will be applied for selection which means all the candidates who have submitted their application before 15:01: 49 UTC, 2nd April 2019 they are all part of the Express Entry Draw, and they will be considered in selection.  The applicants who receive the ITA they will have 60 days to submit their application to IRCC (Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada).

The Trends in Canada Immigration

With this latest EE draw which is the eight draw of the year, there are a total number of 27,900 applications invited through the Express Entry program which is 7,000 applications more than what was invited in the year 2018 till April. Last year the total number of applications issued till 17 April was 21,000, and this year the number has already reached 27,900. This justifies the fact the Canadian government intends to meet its ITA record target of 2019 soon, and this is going to a good year for aspiring Canada immigrants. It can be safely said that 2019 will definitely surpass the ITA number of the year 2018.

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Saskatchewan Expression of Interest Draw on 17 April 2019 invited 324 applications.

Saskatchewan recently made changes to the occupation in-demand list last week on 4 April 2019 with 13 new occupations added in the province’s Occupation in-demand list. This week, Saskatchewan has made the immigration through four of those occupations active as they are targeted for Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) immigration.

In the Expression of Interest (EOI) issued by the Saskatchewan province on 17 April 2019 there 324 applications invited through Express Entry and Occupation in-demand list. The candidates were also asked for the eligible work experience to be selected in the specified categories.  There four occupations which have received the ITA (Invitation to Apply) include –

•    NOC 2154 Land Surveyors

•    NOC 2255 Technical Occupations in Geomatics and Meteorology

•    NOC 6342 Tailors, dressmakers, Furriers, and Milliners

•    NOC 7332 Appliance servicers and repairers

This latest Draw has come in connection with the statement made by Saskatchewan Province earlier that they might have “Occupation Specific Selections” from the coming Expression of Interest Draws.

In the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP), the candidates are select out of the point grid of 100 in which the applicants who secure 60-point score are selected. If the applicant has a connection to the province, then there will be extra points given for the same. The Expression of Interest (EOI) on 17 April 2019 was for both Express Entry program and occupation in-demand list and asked for the minimum point score of 60 for selection in both the categories. The candidates who are shortlisted from this draw area also eligible for 600 extra points in the Express Entry program.

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On 18th April 2019, there were 130 invitations by Prince Edward Island.

New invitations were sent to Express Entry candidates through an Expression of Interest (EOI) draw held on 18 April 2019 in which 130 applications were shortlisted from Express Entry, labor market, and Business impact.

PEI generally holds a Monthly draw for those applicants who file their application through Expression of Interest (EOI). With the recent EOI draw announced by Prince Edward Island the total number of application invited by the province this year has reached a number of 570.

In the latest EOI draw, 113 Express Entry and labor impact applicants were invited, and 17 applicants were invited through the Business Impact category. Now, all these shortlisted candidates can apply to the PEI PNP through Canada permanent residency status.

For the Prince Edward Island, the candidates are evaluated out of a point grid of 100 points in which the evaluation factors are age, language, education, work experience, and adaptability, etc. And, after the applicant is selected the candidate is eligible for 600 extra points in the Express Entry program

 The Prince Edward Express Entry is linked to the Express Entry program, and the candidate will have to file the intention of staying and living in Prince Edward on the Express Entry profile in this case. In PEI’s labor impact category, there are three subcategories of selection – Skilled Workers, International Graduates, and Critical workers. The applicant should be selected in one of these streams to be shortlisted or should have long term employment letter in a full-time job from a PEI employer.  In the Price Edward Impact the subcategory of work permit stream makes the foreign entrepreneurs eligible if they have business ownership or experience of management. The lowest score asked in this category in the 18 April draw was 107.

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Ontario Proposed Changes in the Ontario immigration Nominee Program (OINP) stream

In order to acclimate to the changes in the labour market demand the Ontario province has proposed certain changes in the streams of Ontario immigration Nominee Program (OINP). This is entirely different from the new stream introduction of Tech workers or new smaller communities pilot stream which was announced in the last week budget of the province.

The two latest changes introduced in the stream are reductions in minimum investments and net worth reductions in entrepreneur stream and certain new additions in the employer job offer.  Further, there is also a proposal of termination of the Corporate stream of Ontario along with the eligibility updates in Human Capital priorities stream, French Speaking Skilled workers and Skilled Traders Stream.

 Currently, all these are proposed changes and they might go into effect after 45 days periods after public consultancy.  The government of Ontario is hopeful that the latest changes introduced will help improve the immigration rate in the Ontario region.

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