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Changes in Quebec Experience Program (QEP or PEQ)

Changes in Quebec Experience Program

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The Government of Quebec has brought about significant changes to the Quebec experience program, which will come to effect from November 2019. This decision has come in the wake of public outcry that forced immigration minister Simon Joilin Barrette to change his earlier decision of exempting students and workers already living in Quebec from the Quebec Experience program.

The Quebec Experience Program is a fast-track immigration program, that helps the eligible International Graduate of Quebec schools and those foreign skilled people who are living in Quebec for residency selection. There were no restrictions on this stream before November 1, and disqualification in this category were also minimal.

This incident of creating restrictions brought about a wave of criticism by international students in universities, schools, and also business leaders from different countries settled in Canada. Since it was a controversial move, and it has been temporarily suspended.  People in Quebec are asking for suspension and a review of the proposed changes in terms of eligible areas of selection, considering the training in-demand occupations in demand. The points that will be reconsidered will highlight the area of Training list where certain occupations that are included are no longer valid.

This incident is the second one in line where the immigration minister Simon Joilin Barrette has to backtrack an immigration policy. The earlier such decision was in February when 18,000 pending applications in Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) were proposed to be canceled, and it led to the court injunction.

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