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Canada’s Employment Rate increases in September, Rise by 2.1 Percent

Employment Rate Recovers in Canada

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Canada has shown a significant increase in the employment rate in September. Further, the US and Canada have displayed similar employment rates.

Canada on the road to Economic Recovery, Increased immigrant employment in September

There has been a significant increase in the number of immigrants employed in the Canadian labor force in September as more and more have found employment at an accelerated rate. There has been a rise of 2.1 percent in employment in September, which is a very big jump in comparison to the 1.4 percent rise in August. The percent calculation is as per the data released by the Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey. and the date is based on the information collected in the week of September 13 to 19.

As per the recent developments, the Canada employment rate is set at 3.7 percent, i.e., 720,000 jobs. There are some sectors where recovery is still under question, and the industry is struggling like accommodation and hospitality, food services, and  also retail trade industries.

Pre COVID level Employment rate of immigrants

There has been very little change in the employment rate of immigrants who have relocated to Canada in the last five years. The rate is set at 63.6 percent. There is a low movement in a lot of sectors because of the lower number of new immigrants coming to Canada since the travel restrictions.

For those immigrants who had come to Canada more than five years ago for them, there was a 1.7 percent rise in employment, and for the Canadian-born workers, there was a rise of 0.5 percent.

As per the Statistics Canada report, listing of most of the immigrants are employed in sectors like health care and social assistance. Also, there are people in public administration, finance, insurance, and real estate.

Thus, the recent immigrants were the ones who faced low employment problems in March and April.

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Similar employment rates: the US and Canada

US and Canada saw a similar unemployment rate of 7.9 percent in September. For Canada, the September unemployment rate was 3.3 percentage points higher than the unemployment rate of the pre-COVID levels, and for the US the unemployment rate was 4.4 percent higher. Hence, in September, Canada saw higher employment than the US. But the employment rate was still lower than what was recorded in February, and for the US, as well, it was two points lower than in February.

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