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668 Candidates Invited in Latest Express Entry Draw

Recent Express Entry Draw

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The Latest Express Entry Draw announced with the highest CRS score requirements ever of 720. The total number of Candidates invited was as low as 668. The invites have reached 19,368 with this process.

Latest Express Entry Draw Invites 668 Candidates for Permanent Residency

As per the latest express entry draw, there were 668 candidates invited in Canada. The invitations were sent out on March 18, and they were released on March 20. With this, the total number of Invitations to apply has reached to 19,368. The minimum CRS score for selection was 720. This is a very high score requirement as per the express entry standards.

Note: This draw only includes those candidates whose Express Entry is aligned with provincial nominations.

Key Highlights

  • CRS score - 720
  • ITA sent - 668

The Latest Express Entry Draw – March 18

The express entry draw score required in the last draw was 471. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada is still hopeful with the immigrations and plans to meet the targets set for 2020. The eligible candidates selected from the pool are those who have a high ranking score in the CRS system.  

Just like all the other draw, the tie break rule was applied was set this time as well. The tie break rule was set on March 19, 2020, at 01:04:06 UTC. It means that all the candidates with the CRS score of 720 or above and had entered the pool before the set date and time they could receive an ITA.

There were 3,20,000 newcomers invited in 2018, and 3,41,000 were selected in 2019, and the new immigration targets were set at 3,41,000. The last week saw Express entry aligned PNP in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island, inviting more than 5000 candidates in the country. Out of these, Saskatchewan is among the high number of invites with more than 1750 Express entry candidates.

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