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27th May 2019 Canada Immigration Update

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1.    Manitoba has invited applications through Skilled Workers and International Graduate

There were 196 applications issued by Province of Manitoba on Skilled Workers and International Graduate scheme. The division of the Streams applications was as follows:

•    Skilled workers – 119

•    Skilled Workers Overseas – 60

•    International Graduate Stream – 17

 The Latest Manitoba Draws result

With the latest invitations issued, the Skilled Workers invited in Manitoba in 2019 are 4320 so far. Manitoba has 1,30,000 newcomers in the region Since its creation in 1998. In the latest Draw, 27 LAA were for job seeker validation and experience. The 60 Skilled Workers Overseas issued were through Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

The minimum score in the Expression of Interest(EOI) Manitoba ‘s pool was –

•    Skilled Workers – 548 points

•    Skilled Workers Overseas – 506 points

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2.  Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) - Express Entry Stream

In 2019, ITAs sent so far with the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) is 3,554. There are 15 Alberta Express Entry Stream draws which have been held in 2019 till now. Out of these, seven times a score of 300 to 302 has been asked from the candidates.

Thus, candidates with the low CRS score can be hopeful of being selected for the Provincial Nomination Program(PNP). Further, there are a lot of advantages of being selected for the PNP.  Being selected in provincial nomination can get the applicants 600 extra points in the Express Entry System.  This improves the overall chances of migration.

What can you do to be selected for the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP)?

If you want to be selected by the province, then you need to be prepared. A good immigration consultant can help you ease through the process. For those interested in Alberta, the AINP is known to prioritize candidates who have the following attributes -

  • Least required work experience in the region
  •  Selected occupation from the list
  • Job offer from an employer
  • A degree in Canadian Post-secondary institution
  • Blood Relatives living in Alberta - parent/ spouse / sibling


3. Express Entry and Occupation in-demand in Saskatchewan invites applicants

Saskatchewan province invited 325 applications through Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand.  Out of the total 325 applications, there were 221 invited through occupation in-demand, and 104 called through Express Entry Stream. The lowest score requirement in both was 82. The applicants who were able to meet the score requirements they were invited for relocation.

The Key highlights of the SINP draw on 22nd May 2019 -

•    Applications invited – 325

•    Occupation in-demand – 221

•    Express Entry stream – 104

•    The minimum score required - 82

The latest Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)

Since 2007, the province of Saskatchewan has invited 1,08,000 people from 170 countries.  With the most recent draw, there have been 854 applications issued through occupation in-demand. Also, there have been 814 invites through Express Entry stream. These two streams have been the most active streams of the province. On the evaluation of the invites being sent, it can be said that it is a good number of Provincial Nominations from a region. With the Canadian Immigration Plan, the number is also expected to increase.

The province has been very active in the year 2019, and there are more such draws expected. At the start of the year, 596 applications were asked in Express Entry linked stream and occupation in demand category. Then again another draw was conducted on 7th March in which 39 ITAs were sent out for Entrepreneur Stream. Then, later on, 1st May, there were 202 candidates invited in seven newly listed occupations.

Please note that the number of ITAs sent out will always depend on the economic demand of the region. No predictions of the selected dates of any kind can be made. The candidate should continuously work on Language score and Work experience. This will increase the chances of being selected early. A good Language score is key to a faster selection.

What are the eligibility requirements for SINP?

To be selected in the occupation in demand, the candidate should have work experience in a listed profession. The applicants who meet the SINP requirements they can avail the benefit of attaining 600 extra points in the express entry system. This improves the chances of immigration.

The core qualification criteria are –

•    Meet the points score required

•    Candidates with Expression of Interest (EOI) registration

•    Minimum work Experience of the candidate in a selected occupation

•    The lowest score of language needed in either English and French

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4. How will Canada Federal Elections 2019 affect Express Entry Program?

The Federal Elections 2019 to be held in Canada in October will affect the migration. The policies can change with a different government in the center. Presently, the ruling party is Liberals, and they have policies which are different from American and European systems.

Immigration is always a prime agenda during elections, and this time, it is no different. Liberals have supported high immigration over the years, and it will continue in the coming years if they resume their term. Conservatives, on the other hand, are less enthusiastic over a large number of migrations in the country. They are known for introducing strict laws in the past.

Let us look below for the present political scenario and its implication for the foreign aspirants –

 The main political parties –

There are three main political parties in the country. Apart from this there is also a Green party, which is yet to have a solid ground. The core political parties are -

•    Governing Liberals

•    Conservative party of Canada

•    New Democratic Party (NDP)

What are the transitions undertaken in the time of Liberal?

The liberals have been faithful to their name and have introduced significant changes in the relocation model. Desiring aspirants were offered a friendly model through the changes.

Some of the prominent contributions for a smooth process include –

•    High immigration targets. There are more than one million PR holders expected in the country by the end of 2012.

•    Reduced processing time for visas

•    Reformed medical admissibility rules.

•    A large number of ITAs issued through Express Entry Program. ITA in 2016 were 33,782, ITA in 2017 were 86,023 and ITA in 2018 were 89,800

•    Fewer points for a Job offer in CRS calculation for Express Entry. Although changes were introduced later and Arranged employment score was increased to 200 points.


What will happen if the Conservative Party wins in October?

The Conservatives were the ones to introduce Express Entry as the part of meeting the labor market demands. The scrutiny process under the Conservatives is slightly harder than under the mandate of liberals. Thus, if they come to power, then they can bring the following alterations-

  • They can avoid setting targets for migration.
  • A different ranking system in the CRS model.
  • The visa processing time can be increased.
  • Adequate resources for language instructions.

What is the stand of the New Democratic Party (NDP)?

The New Democratic Party (NDP) is a good supporter of visitor visas. Further, they have also emphasized on how the landing cost needs to be reduced. This will make migration easier and smoother.

Some core ideals that needs to be known are -

•    It is the left in thought and emphasizes on health care for Canadians.

•    They have never formed a government.

•    However, they favor immigrants and focuses on the family being together.

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