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Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa


As an economically advanced and uprising country, Germany had been a flourishing powerful force throughout the world map.  It is an eye pleasing country with high employment opportunities and comfortable living facilities. The government of Germany provides FREE education to the citizen of the country  in addition to a healthy environment. There are a lot of work opportunities in the land of Germany that attracts employment seeker across the globe. Germany willingly invites highly qualified degree holders from foreign nations to work in their country at well paid job positions. If you are also interested  in exploring the German work avenues, first step include acquiring the job seeker visa.

Job Seeker Visa- Brief

Job seeker visa in Germany provides the facility to an immigrants of a long term residency permit. This visa stays valid for a let limit of six months. If by the end of your six months residency in Germany, you are able to find a job the in that case, you will be given a German work visa or permit. The seeker visa is basically an eligibility to acquire work visa . The job seeker visa , however, does not permit you to start working instantly in Germany.  You can only visit Germany at a stretch to explore all the job opportunities available for you through the job seeking visa. In case you find a job in the six months, the employers letter will help you get your work permit which will last for two years. The procedure to acquire the job seeker via  requires
- Eligibilities to be qualified                                                                            
 - A set of necessary documents  required
-Application form needed to be filled so that a visa appointment can be scheduled.

Eligibilities to be qualified:

 -  Bachelor / Master’s qualification degree that holds equivalent to a German degree. Germany seeks o invite post graduates and PhD holders ideally.
- A minimum of five year of experience is a must condition to be filled so that you able to work in Germany.
-Sufficient fund provision for your stay expenses and overheads that that can last for your residency time.
-Candidate must be ensured under travel/medical insurance.
- Strategic planning and structured way to secure work in Germany is a must need.

Basic Document Requirement

The second phase after eligibility clearance is to prepare your required set of documents. If not submitted, the case will be terminated instantly.

Checklist for paperwork  includes

1.) Valid passport of your country
2.)  Copy of passport data paper.
3.) At least three passport size image of you.
4.) Statement of purpose in which you will also need to mention how you are going to look for a job  and your backup plans,  in case you are not able to find a job.
5.) Certificate of previous work experience and curriculum.
6.) Updated CV.
7.) Proof of accommodation in Germany . These includes asset records like – bank account, sponsor letter etc.
8.) Identification documents like Birth certificate and license.
9.) Proof health insurance /medical insurance.

 The set of these documents should be in two copies for submission at the application center.

Application Procedure And Appointment

As and when, the preparation of documents is done, your next step includes you to fill out an application form that you will receive from the German Embassy office for job seeking visa. After the submission of the form, you will be given a date as scheduled for you face to face interview. All the documents, application form, background and the interview round will finally decide whether a job seeker visa will be granted to you or not.
EU Blue card holders

EU Blue card holders are those immigrants whose stay in Europe extends more than 30 months can apply for permanent residency. It is an attractive scheme introduced by Europe Union so that immigrants are attracted towards the continent for working. This union excludes cities like Denmark and United Kingdom.

The time to process  the application lasts from 12-14 weeks and cost for applying depends on the government fees.

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