Visa Consulting

Visa Consulting

Our Expert counsellors are highly skilled and knowledgeable visa specialists, having many years of germane & helpful experience. We enjoy engaging with customers and understands your needs and requirements. We welcome questions from the customers and provide honest answers. The Signature Visas team members go an extra mile to find solutions to our needs.

Signature Visas counsellors’ do not follow a pre-planned arrangement for each customer. We understand that every individual case is different therefore after meticulously studying we provide guidance to our customers. A practical solution is provided by the counsellor only after understanding the requirements of your case. At times bespoke solutions are devised by understanding your requirement. 

Sometimes, you may find yourself inundated with tasks and not able to find quick and right solutions e.g., preparing for English Language exam, collecting documents, family commitments and others. We can guide you through all the important processes step by step. We will ensure that these hurdles do not affect the progression of your application.

The role of consultants is not only limited in providing consultancy on your application process but also provide with latest changes in the rules or policies. The policies and rules of immigration changes overnight at times and therefore it is vital to remain up to date with them. A little change can substantially affect your application. Through our associated lawyers across the globe, we get regular updates and every counsellor passes on the same information to all our customers. Our immigration expert and watchful visa counsellors keep a tab on these policy amendments involving the visa & immigration business for popular immigration hotspots across the world and make certain that your permit submission is presented in the best possible manner, following the latest changes and improvements, so that it is not rejected only because of the non-fulfilment of some specific new rules.       

Following submitting the application, we counsellors also prepares for an interview if required. They will equip you the expected questions and correct answers so that you feel confident and you sail through the interview stage as well. However, the interview is not an indispensable condition for every visa scheme.

Signature Visas is proud to have highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants on board who go beyond their duties of providing consultancy and processing your application, but also act a mentor until your dream of settling / visiting aboard is achieved.

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