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Canada Express Entry Draw announced on 1st May 2019 with the CRS cut off of 450 points Master Graduate Stream reopened by Ontario , Saskatchewan has invited 202 applicants in seven occupations, The Parent and Grandparent program has completed issuing invitations.

Know About Canada PR Visa Requirements and Move Abroad Permanently

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Do you want to live your life in one of the foremost global destination? Think about Canada and get a Canada Permanent Residence(PR) Visa. It is the best way to be a part of clean and pure surrounding or you can say in the lap of nature.

Be the part of the beautiful place and get Canada PR Visa as it is like a Green Card. This right entitles you to relish various opportunities in the hotspot. First of all, you become the citizen of this top nation. Hire one of the best Canadian Visa Experts to make your documentation done in a real time.

There are easy-to-follow Canada PR categories from which you can select as per your precise requirements and goals which are run by concerned immigration and visa organization.

The visa segments under which you may apply an application for PR visa are the Family Sponsorship, Skilled immigrants via Express Entry, Live in caregiver Visa, Self Employed, Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Investors Entrepreneurs, the PNP Programmes, the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), etc.

Federal Skilled Workers:

Under this category, an individual is evaluated upon their possibility of becoming economically developed in Canada.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP):

As per this category, the government chooses applicants who are interested in living and will bestow to its economic enhancement by either working or investing in that specific province.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC):

This category is basically for international graduates and foreign workers who are in Canada on a temporary basis and wanted to get Permanent Residents. For this, work experience and Canadian education are important selection factors.

Family Sponsorship:

It is basically based on the Canadian Citizenship or on the PR. Do have one of them as an advantages so, then you can sponsor a close ones from abroad such as a parent, partner, spouse, dependent child, spouse, etc. In this way, Canada welcomes you to reunite you with your families.

Business Class:

Under this category, Canada government give preference to those people who have extensive knowledge of the foreign market and take a step ahead to attract entrepreneurs, self-employed and investors from outside Canada who have significant net-worth and best business skills to enhance new commercial opportunities.

Canada PR Visa Initial Requirements

  • Before getting PR in Canada, you just need to consult with Canadian visa experts to attain best and proper knowledge about all the requirements. Above all this, if you are filling the application to apply for PR visa, it doesn't mean that you are selected to get an invite to apply for a Canada PR visa
  • Your application will be monitored through IRCC even as it would be equivalent to other applications.
  • If your every document are matched and eligible for the required points for Canada Pr, then only are suppose to apply an application for a Canada PR visa.

Canada PR Visa Requirements–Point Wise

  • If you want to acquire Canada PR visa, you must possess good language skills whether it is English or French. If you are good in both, it will be an add on the specialty for you.
  • Your age must be in between the given age by IRCC.
  • All the educational qualification need to be submitted as it is required by IRCC
  • After these documents, you need to confirm your medical proves by trusted government professional that can confirm your health is satisfactory. Along with medical documents, you also require police cleared identity documents.
  • An educational qualification degree is must be required that to be equivalent to a recognized institute.
  • Your bank account must represent that you have sufficient money to get settled in the Maple Leaf country and you can also take care of your family needs.

Canada PR & Express Entry

Another than these, you have the option to use Express Entry System to get a PR in Canada. This can be used for to get hassle-free experience for Visa Application.

By: Vikram Singh
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