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Canada Express Entry Draw announced on 1st May 2019 with the CRS cut off of 450 points Master Graduate Stream reopened by Ontario , Saskatchewan has invited 202 applicants in seven occupations, The Parent and Grandparent program has completed issuing invitations.

Canada Immigration Process

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Canada Immigration process can be time consuming and may consist of many complicated procedures. Nevertheless, your efforts of moving to ‘the land of maple leaves’ under the Canada immigration process will reap fruit  if the process is done in the correct manner and with right kind of guidance. With great lifestyle and expanding economy, the country of Canada has become a worldwide destination for foreign immigrants and students.  Doing proper research for a good immigration consultancy is very important before you initialize the lengthy but worth-it  immigration process to Canada country.  The application and documentation requirements are various, hence, the step by step process can be confusing and mind boggling. A well maintained reputation and vast experience are some of the ideal parameters that one must keep in mind before choosing the right immigration consultants.
 A responsible immigration consultant can steer you smoothly with the cumbersome paper work that is an essential stage in Canada immigration process. The first task involves the analysis of your case profile. The Canada Immigration process is very specific and invites immigrants only on the basis of qualification and eligibility. 
The eligibility is based on many parameters like age, education, experience, profile and most importantly your score in the IELTS. IELTS, An abbreviation for International English Language Testing skills is a standardized examination formatted in order to test your proficiency in English. A reliable immigration consultant can help you with genuine assistance as well as counseling to score well in IELTS. These factors, needless to say vary from person to person and hence, each case requires a different approach in terms of dealing with it. Live and work in Canada by qualifying the eligibility conditions to witness career growth and stability. Your journey in Canada immigration process can be a smooth sailing if your research in finding a responsible, aware and experience Canada immigration Consultant is thorough. The assessment of your case by a renowned and reputed Canada immigration consultants  will give you clarity and transparency with  your profile evaluation. This will help you take one of the most impactful decisions of your life. You can further move forward in the Canada Immigration process   without pre notions and guidelines.  
The Canada government has opened avenues for immigrants under two popular programs.
Apply for Canada immigration through - Express Entry Program and PNP program .
                  To apply in the express entry pool, the candidate must have a minimum score of 67 on 100 followed by a technical evaluation, scoring you on a total of 600.
                              On the other hand, the PNP criterion differs from province to province with the growing needs of a particular occupation or skill. The Provincial Nominee Program based rankings are different from the express entry pool and calculates your scope for acquiring permanent residency on the basis of your experience and skills. 
 The PR visa is valid for five years and gives an individual the right to study, live and work in Canada. The healthcare cover is provided by the government. After three years of your stay and work in Canada as a PR holder, the candidate may choose to apply for citizenship that will give him/her the right to cast a vote or form a political party. With regular updates and changes in rules, it is crucial need to keep a check on the Canada immigration official website that will give you authenticate information on the new guidelines incorporated in Canada immigration process. Make the smart move and go through the needful phases involved during your process to immigration with PR status, thoroughly. Live and work in Canada to enjoy a great political system, lifestyle and build a successful future.

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