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Canada Express Entry Draw announced on 1st May 2019 with the CRS cut off of 450 points Master Graduate Stream reopened by Ontario , Saskatchewan has invited 202 applicants in seven occupations, The Parent and Grandparent program has completed issuing invitations.

Best way to enhance the IELTS score

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Importance of IELTS in Canada PR

2019 starts with good news on Canada immigration with a large number of candidates migrating through the Express Entry Program, with 11, 500 ITAs issued in January. As we all know that immigration to Canada with the Permanent Residency(PR) status is based on a ranking system -  Comprehensive Ranking System (A point-based model to evaluate capabilities of aspirants). The candidates who achieve good ranking score are considered eligible for immigration to Canada with the PR status.  The scores are evaluated as per the age, language efficiency, work experience, education, and adaptability. The potential candidates in this regard are ranked against one another, and those candidates who meet the minimum yardstick of selection are invited. Hence, higher the sore better are the chances of immigration thus the importance of IELTS for immigration to Canada cannot be undermined. It is an unsaid prerequisite for immigration and also the minimum requirement for professional engagement in some organisations. As the second official language of Canada, English language knowledge is highly pertinent.


One of the simplest and effective mode of enhancing the score for immigration is through IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam, which is a popular English language proficiency test recognised by different universities, professional organisations, and institutes. It is a widely accepted model of testing the English language capabilities in countries like Australia, Canada, UK, USA, and New Zealand.  The test scores in IELTS are granted in bands which range from 0 to 9 and evaluates the speaking, listening, writing and reading skills of the candidates.


What is the minimum IELTS requirement for selection for immigration to Canada with a Permanent Residency(PR) Status?


Each province will have its own eligibility requirement when the candidate is applying for immigration through the Provincial Nominee Program(PNP). Further, there will be different minimum IELTS requirement with different Express Entry Draw results of immigration through Express Entry.  However, it is always better to aim for a good IELTS score for an assured selection. Nonetheless, there are provinces which accept a very low minimum IELTS score as well, and they can be a saving grace for some aspiring candidates.


•    Saskatchewan asks for a minimum IELTS score of 4.5 bands.

•    Nova Scotia pays little importance to the IELTS score and selects candidates with 4 band score as well.

•    The province of Manitoba also asks for the skills of 4 band in IELTS for immigration eligibility.


 Which is the best way to enhance the IELTS score?

 There are no shortcuts in life. Hence, those who are looking to immigrate to Canada they need to prepare for the IELTS examination and the best way to garner a good score is through constant practice and hard work under the mentorship of an efficient teacher. Learning about the intricacies and common mistakes can help the candidate form a formidable understanding of certain concepts which will help him avail an improved score.   There are test materials and practice papers available which will help the candidate evaluate his potential before the test and then prepare accordingly.


 It is good to hire a renowned immigration consultancy service to help you with the immigration process as they can have experts who will be able to adequately guide you about ways through which the IELTS score can be increased.


 What are the alternatives to an IELTS exam?

If you are looking for ways through which you can avoid the IELTS exam, then there are also other tests available that you can undertake for immigration to Canada with the PR status like CELPIP and CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark). But they both are the language test equivalents of IELTS exam, and there is no way a test of the English Language proficiency can be avoided unless and until the candidate appears for a French language test instead and offers his test result for French Language proficiency for immigration.


Also, if you have the knowledge of French along with the English language then as a candidate, you can have added advantage for immigration. The province of Quebec especially pays a lot of importance to the knowledge of the French language.


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