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Entrepreneur visa Tier 1 UK

Are you looking for Investor program for the United Kingdom (UK)? (£200,000)

The economic and cultural hub of the world, the United Kingdom offers countless immigration opportunities to the aspirants and is one of the most sorts after locations in the world with multicultural and diverse population offering opportunities to grow professionally and personally in a sizeable cultural environment. Further, there are more than 150 universities in the country coupled with the best health care facilities and to top it all a high standard of living. Hence, if you have shortlisted the United Kingdom as your choicest location for immigration, then we will offer you insight on how can you do so with the investment option.

The United Kingdom Immigrants Investor Program is a three-tier system which enables foreign nationals with high net worth to immigrate to the region. The first Tier is the Entrepreneur Visa with the investment of 2,00,000 Pounds. The UK Immigrant’s Investor Program was started in 2011 by the President, David Cameron who called this type of immigration model to be a “Red Carpet” for foreign investors.

Benefits of United Kingdom Investor Program

  • There is no formal interview required
  • No business experience required
  • No medical exam required
  • There is fast processing in one month to six months
  • United Kingdom’s passport in the third most powerful passport in the world.

The Main Qualification Criteria for UK Investor Immigration Category

Only those candidates who meet the qualification criteria are allowed to immigrate through this program:

  • The candidate should pass the English language test before the visa is granted.
  • The details of the family members should be included in the application
  • After a candidate has spent five years in the UK. The principal applicant can apply for ILR (Indefinite leave to remain) After 12 months of ILR (Indefinite leave to remain) lapse the candidate is free to apply for the citizenship.
  • The candidate should be well settled without employment (outside self-employment)
  • The candidate should have spent at least 5 percent of the time in the UK (At least six months out of 12 months).
  • The candidate should prove that he/she has useable assets
  • The minimum required investment ranges as per the tier, and it should be invested in the last five years in the UK.
  • The ILR (Indefinite leave to remain) is issued to the candidate after five years.

UK Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1)

In this category, the candidate can apply for the Investor Program visa if he/she has access to 2,00,000 pounds in Investment funds and for this, the candidate will have to prove –

  • The money is one’s own and acquired through lawful means
  • The money is provided to you by a third party (either spouse or investor partner)
  • The money is in a joint account with a partner or spouse, but you can use that account only if they are not applying through Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1) scheme.
  • The candidate should invest these fund in less than 12 months in the UK and that too before they apply.
  • As a candidate, you should have access to at least through 50,000 Pounds from the whole sum
  • The candidate is allowed and free to spend that money on business in the UK.
  • There is a minimum English language requirement which needs to be met
  • The candidate should be able to support himself and his family during the stay financially. For this, the candidates who are applying from the outside UK will need a minimum sum of 3,310 pounds and the candidates who are applying from within the UK will require the minimum amount of 945 pounds.
  • The candidate should be at least 16 years of age.

For the point based evaluation, the candidate should secure a minimum of 95 points to meet the eligibility requirements.

Factors Points
Attributes 75
English Language 10
Maintenance Requirements 10

The Documents Required for United Kingdom (UK) Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

A Proper and adequate documents record provided can help in the smooth immigration process and also assist in fast processing as well. The list of the essential documents that are asked for analysis are –

  • Valid Identification
  • Passport
  • Evidence of investment funds – Personal bank statement, Official letter from bank included.
  • A business plan which is well strategized
  • Proof of English language competency
  • A police verification
  • A tuberculosis test report

The Process of Applying under Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1)

The process of immigration should be undertaken under the mentorship of an authorized immigration consultant only who will have completely updated knowledge of the immigration process.

The steps of immigration under Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1) are:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements
  • Get yourself registered under director or self-employed in 6 months of filing for the stay under UK Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1)
  • The candidate should be able to prove that you are either self-employed or working as a partner with an enterprise from the past three months
  • The candidate should be ready to show two full-time employment generated in the UK
  • The candidate should have invested 20000 Pounds in Cash
  • Enter your Biometrics information with the fee of 19.20 pounds
  • Apply online
  • Submit documents
  • Appear in an interview supporting your documents

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Processing Time

The time taken for the processing and documents is rather fast in this category, and everything can be sorted in 8 weeks provided that all the documents submitted are proper and adequate.

Extensions Requirement for Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1)

However, with the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa the candidate can come to the United Kingdom for three to four years only, but this visa can be extended for two years if you are applying through this category and three years if you are switching to any other category. The candidate should bear in mind that in that time one should not have worked outside his / her own business or should have gained the benefit of the public funds.

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