Danish Green Card Scheme

Danish Green Card Scheme

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Is it possible to be granted a residence permit for the purpose of seeking work, and subsequently working, in Denmark? Yes, it is, Danish Green Card allows you to get a residence permit to find a job and work in Denmark. The work permit and residency in Denmark under the Green Card Scheme is granted to a candidate, based on his score in point based system. If you are granted a residence permit under this scheme, you do not need a work permit. A residence under this scheme gives you the right to carry out a paid or unpaid work in Denmark.

Selection Criteria

Danish Green Card issuance is based on the point-based immigration system, for which candidate needs to score at least 100 points based on their key profile details, i.e. Language Skills, Work Experience, Education, Adaptability and Age to become qualified and be selected for Danish Green Card.

Benefits of Danish Green Card Scheme

  • Travel across all the countries of the Schengen Area without a visa.
  • Apply for permanent residency (PR) in case you fulfil certain conditions.
  • You can bring dependants along with you in Denmark once you are settled

Job opportunities in Denmark

It is your own responsibility to find work in Denmark so you can support yourself. At First, you will have to explore the Denmark Immigration Positive list to find out if your profile is in demand or not. Secondly, the authorities will check, whether your profile is relevant to take the high profile jobs in Denmark. The Danish language is certainly a plus point of getting selected in the scheme.

Duration and extension of Danish Green Card

For the first time, you are granted residence permit under the Green Card Scheme for 2 years. You can apply for an extension of your permit for up to 3 years before it gets expired. But, it can be extended further for up to 3 years at once. However, the extension of your residence permit depends if you have worked for the past 12 months and the minimum salary achieved. Note that, you can submit your application for an extension no sooner than two months before it expires.


To start the proceedings you can contact our immigration expert advisors and check your eligibility for Danish Green Card Scheme.

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