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Canada Express Entry Draw announced on 1st May 2019 with the CRS cut off of 450 points Master Graduate Stream reopened by Ontario , Saskatchewan has invited 202 applicants in seven occupations, The Parent and Grandparent program has completed issuing invitations.

Immigrate to Canada

Immigrate to Canada

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Are you planning to immigrate to Canada? Canada is a nation that welcomes immigrants like none other. Moving to Canada is not just the best bet in terms of professional choices, culture and educational opportunities but Canada is also amongst the most secure and safe countries on the planet. Settling in Canada has a myriad of benefits and you are in for a real treat if you get a chance to settle in this astounding nation.
According to the Word Economic Forum, Canada’s economy remains first among more than 140 countries for banking stability. It has witnessed an impressive economic growth back to back years. Thousands of foreign candidates yearn for Canada immigration each year owing to the benefits it provides.

Are you eligible to apply for Canada PR Visa?

Without a doubt, Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for both work and study. Do you want to move to Canada permanently and acquire Canada PR Visa? There are many Canada immigration programs available now. Choosing the right immigration program you can apply for that best caters to your goals, aspirations and future plans is an important step. Each immigration program has a distinct set of eligibility requirements which you need to fulfill in order to be eligible for Canadian Permanent Residence/Canada PR Visa.

To confirm your eligibility for any of the Canada immigration programs, complete the form and answer a few questions given. Make sure that you answer every question and duly complete the application as an incomplete one may result in rejection by the immigration authorities.

The questions on the application form could be centered around your nationality, age, language ability, family members, education, work experience, income, details on any job offer. Be careful while answering the questions and be accurate. You can submit your IRCC application either online or in person. Once submitted, you will need to track the progress of your application online.
Canada has flexible immigration policies and many immigration programs that you can now apply to. Below are some of the programs you can apply for to immigrate to Canada.  

1] Express Entry Program

Express Entry provides a pathway to permanent residence for skilled workers. Skilled workers working in Canada or overseas who wish to permanently settle in Canada can apply through this program. Express Entry manages applications for three economic immigration programs:

      👉 Federal Skilled Worker Program
      👉 Federal Skilled Trades Program
      👉 Canadian Experience Class

First, you should find out if you’re eligible for Express Entry programs.
Answer a few questions to see if you meet the minimum requirements or eligibility. This includes the required language levels, the required skilled work experience, and other factors.

Read the detailed requirements for each program and select the most relevant Express Entry program to immigrate to Canada.

▶ Create your Express Entry profile
Creating an Express Entry profile is the first step towards getting your PR visa. Please note that only and only if you are eligible for one of the federal economic immigration programs, you can go ahead and create an Express Entry profile.

Once you create your Express Entry profile and enter the pool of candidates, you will be allotted a CRS score which is based on several factors such as age, education, language proficiency. The federal government and provinces will select only highest ranked candidates from the pool who will then receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Once the ITA has been issued to you, you must submit your application along with the complete set of documents for Canada PR visa within a time frame of 60 days.

2] Quebec skilled workers program

What is Quebec Skilled Workers Program?

Quebec skilled workers program is an application process for skilled workers.

Quebec skilled workers program is designed for applicants who want to become permanent residents of Canada yet settle down in the province of Quebec only. It is an immigration system that selects skilled workers for Quebec on the basis of its unique selection criteria. (Quebec province in Canada has its own selection criteria and rules).

▶ About the Quebec Skilled Worker passing score

To be eligible to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate, you are required to obtain minimum passing scores, which is based on based on Quebec's unique QSWP Points Grid. You can calculate your score using Quebec Immigration – Skilled Worker Points Calculator which helps determine the passing score based on incoming Quebec immigration regulations. A single (unmarried) applicant must score at least 50 points while those having a spouse or common-law partner must score at least 59 points.

▶ Proficiency in French language can fetch you more points

It is pertinent to note that language proficiency is an important selection factor which can fetch you as many as 22 Quebec Skilled Worker Program points points. Applicants having proficiency in French language are highly preferred by Immigration Quebec. Infact, French language proficiency is weighted more strongly than English language proficiency when it comes to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points. The applicant can score 16 points for French as compared to only 6 points for English.

▶ Getting an Invitation to Apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate

The Province of Quebec will assess your application, using its own rules and procedures. Only qualified candidates will receive the invitation to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec, or CSQ).

If invited to apply to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program you must submit the complete application for the a Quebec Selection certificate (CSQ) within 90 days of receiving the invitation.


3] Provincial Nominees

As you plan to immigrate to Canada, choose the province you want to live in, one which suit your Canadian immigration settlement needs.
Most provinces and territories in Canada have their own Provincial Nominee Program which nominates immigrants interested in settling in that particular province. Each Canadian Provincial Nominee Program has its own criteria, immigrants are assessed on the basis of their skills, education and work experience.

Each Canadian Provincial Nominee Program has its own province specific “streams”. They are individual immigration programs that target certain demographics. Immigrants that have the precise skills, work experience, and knowledge that meets the local labor market needs are often a vital part of the economy. The provincial nominee programs helps does the same. The fastest and the most convenient way to immigrate to Canada with a PNP nomination is through the Canada Express Entry system.

4] Family sponsorship

If you have relatives who wish to live, study and work in Canada, you can sponsor them if you’re at least 18 years of age or older and a
Canadian citizen or person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act or permanent resident of Canada

When you sponsor an eligible relative to settle in Canada, you must meet set income guidelines. Further, the Family Sponsorship Program has many immigration streams to which you can apply. It depends on the relationship that you want to sponsor for Family Class Sponsorship such as the spouse, common-law partner, parents, grandparents and dependent children.


5] Startup Visa Program

Canada Startup Visa Program is designed to attract foreign Entrepreneurs who possess the required skills and potential to build innovative businesses in Canada that can create more jobs for Canadians.
In order to qualify for Canada’s Startup Visa Program, immigrant entrepreneurs must have the support of a designated organization. Designated partners include venture capital funds, angel investor groups, and business incubators. Besides this, applicants must also meet language requirements and should have sufficient settlement funds.

Apart from the above immigration programs, there are many other immigration programs you can apply for such as Self Employed, Refugees, and Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

📝 Important questions and answers for Canada PR

1.       What is a Canada immigration visa?

It is the pathway to getting Permanent Residency status in Canada. The candidates who desire to immigrate to Canada or want to get the Permanent Residence visa for Canada have to apply for Canada immigration visa. Immigrants can apply for the visa under 3 major categories - Skilled workers category, business immigration category, and family immigration programs. Express Entry program and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) are the most popular channels for people to migrate to Canada and get its citizenship.

2.       How is a work permit different from Canada immigration visa?

Contrary to PR visa, skilled workers can apply for Work Permit to work in Canada for a certain number of years. A closed work permit is easy to get, has less paperwork and is processed in lesser time. But it has a restriction on how many years you can work there. A person has to apply for a new work permit once he joins a new employer. Canada immigration visa, on the other hand, gives you all the freedom and rights of a Canadian citizen.

3.       Which Canadian program can get you permanent residency in Canada as low as 6 months?

Canadian government aims to welcome nearly 1 million immigrants by the end of 2020. Thus most of the immigration programs are processing visa quickly. But Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are the quickest when it comes to processing PR visas. Once a candidate has received ITA from either the Federal Government or any of the provinces and submits his application, a fast-track verification procedure is followed. Thus within 6 months of submission, one can expect to receive the final word on his or her PR visa from the Canadian Government.

4.       What are the benefits of acquiring Canada PR?

  • You become a part of the secure and liberal social culture of Canada.
  • You qualify for provincial universal healthcare coverage policy
  • You enjoy the freedom of being a citizen
  • You can sponsor your family members to settle in Canada
  • Subsidised education
  • Protection under Canadian law

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